We are a reputed, well established winery in the heart of Lower Austria and a strong partner for the food trade as well as other wine wholesalers in Germany and abroad.

Our range offers a wide selection of high quality wines at reasonable prices.  Our operating position makes us a competent and reliable partner for discount and other large retail chains.

Our primary focus is the distribution of both private label and bulk lots, where we meet customer requirements with flexibility and include new products demanded by the market in our range for long or short term.

For years we have been a congenial and deliver effective partner of the food wholesale business in Austria as well as the wine wholesalers in neighboring EU foreign. In the future we will intensify our presence in the foreign food trade – especially in the new EU member states. Precision in all respects, flexibility, progressiveness and innovation are our core asset to maintain, strengthen and expand our position in an ever changing, closely connected market.


Michael Toifl
graduated from the tourismschool Klessheim. Together with his brother Andreas he took over the windery in 1985. He is responsible for sales and for the introduction of modern technologies in the production of wine.
Christoph Toifl
graduated from the School of Viticulture in Krems and collected relevant practice in Italy and Germany. He is working as a production manager and winemaker.
Barbara Toifl
graduated from the tourismschool Klessheim and successfully completed the winemanagement program of the School of Viticulture in Krems. She gained extensive experience in Asia and California and is responsible for sales and commercial issues.